EpisodesSeries 11.1. Welcome to the Future1.2. Return of the Ice1.3. The Vanished Sea1.4. Prairies of Amazonia1.5. Cold Kansas DesertSeries 22.1. Waterland2.2. Flooded World2.3. Tropical Antarctica2.4. The Great PlateauSeries 33.1. The Endless Desert3.2. The Global Ocean3.3. Graveyard Desert3.4. The Tentacled ForestCreatures5 million yearsWelcome to the FutureReturn of the IceShagratSnowstalkerGannetwhaleThe Vanished SeaCryptileScrofaGrykenPrairies of AmazoniaBabookariCarakillerRattlebackCold Kansas DesertDeathgleanerSpinkDesert Rattleback100 million yearsWaterlandToratonSwampusLurkfishFlooded WorldOcean PhantomReef GliderSpindle TrooperTropical AntarcticaRoachcutterSpitfire BirdFalconflySpitfire BeetleFalse Spitfire BirdThe Great PlateauSilver SpiderPoggleGreat Blue WindrunnerGrass Tree200 million yearsThe Endless DesertTerabyteGloomwormSlickribbonGarden WormThe Global OceanRainbow SquidOcean FlishSharkopathSilverswimmerGraveyard DesertBumblebeetleDesert HopperDeathbottleOcean FlishGrimwormThe Tentacled ForestLichen TreeForest FlishMegasquidSquibbonSlithersuckerCommunityRecent blog posts
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