Episodes Series 1 1.1. Welcome to the Future 1.2. Return of the Ice 1.3. The Vanished Sea 1.4. Prairies of Amazonia 1.5. Cold Kansas Desert Series 2 2.1. Waterland 2.2. Flooded World 2.3. Tropical Antarctica 2.4. The Great Plateau Series 3 3.1. The Endless Desert 3.2. The Global Ocean 3.3. Graveyard Desert 3.4. The Tentacled Forest Creatures 5 million years Welcome to the Future Return of the Ice Shagrat Snowstalker Gannetwhale The Vanished Sea Cryptile Scrofa Gryken Prairies of Amazonia Babookari Carakiller Rattleback Cold Kansas Desert Deathgleaner Spink Desert Rattleback 100 million years Waterland Toraton Swampus Lurkfish Flooded World Ocean Phantom Reef Glider Spindle Trooper Tropical Antarctica Roachcutter Spitfire Bird Falconfly Spitfire Beetle False Spitfire Bird The Great Plateau Silver Spider Poggle Great Blue Windrunner Grass Tree 200 million years The Endless Desert Terabyte Gloomworm Slickribbon Garden Worm The Global Ocean Rainbow Squid Ocean Flish Sharkopath Silverswimmer Graveyard Desert Bumblebeetle Desert Hopper Deathbottle Ocean Flish Grimworm The Tentacled Forest Lichen Tree Forest Flish Megasquid Squibbon Slithersucker Community Recent blog posts